Dr Nick Motson

Associate Dean, MSc Programme; Module Leader – Alternative Investments


Nick is Associate Dean, MSc Programme at The Business School (formerly Cass). He’s also Module Leader for the ‘Alternative Investments’ course of our online MSc in Global Finance.

His research interests include asset management, portfolio construction, hedge funds, alternative assets and structured products.

Nick also actively consults for numerous banks and hedge funds and has provided research or training clients including ABN Amro, Aon Hewitt, Barclays Wealth, BNP Paribas, Financial Express, Invesco, NewEdge, Old Mutual, Rosbank. and Societe Generale.

Areas of expertise

  • Commodities
  • Derivatives
  • Finance Fund Management
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Management
  • Portfolio Choice

Recent publications

Cuthbertson, K., Hayley, S., Motson, N. E and Nitzsche, D. (2016). What Does Rebalancing Really Achieve? International Journal of Finance & Economics, 21(3), pp. 224–240. doi:10.1002/ijfe.1545

Cuthbertson, K., Hayley, S., Motson, N.E. and Nitzsche, D. (2015). Diversification Returns, Rebalancing Returns and Volatility Pumping

Clare, A., Motson, N.E., Payne, R. and Thomas, S. (2014). Heads We Win, Tails You Lose. Why Don't More Fund Managers Offer Symmetric Performance Fees? SSRN. 

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